What is myWebDNS?

myWebDNS is a MySQL/PHP-Web based package to manage a DNS server configured with Bind 9. It permit to operate as administrator to create and manage the DNS, and as a user to create and manage the domains. The package as written completly in PHP and use Javascript for various checks.

The package consist of two parts:

1. The web part
Used to manage with a web server the dns. The authentication is based on MySQL.

2. The script part
Used to import the domain's configuration from the dns into MySQL db and for update and check the zone files.

The requirements for this product are:
1. Apache HTTP Server version 1.3.xx
2. MySQL 3.23.xx server and client
3. PHP 4.2.x compiled as module and script language

This software is distribuited under a GPL license.

For many info refer to sourceforge page project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mywebdns/