v1.2.rc5 [25-MAR-2003]
* bugfix in several files
* new interface
* mod_auth_mysql-2.20 is not more necessary

v1.2.rc4 [28-MAY-2002]
* bugfix on $argc and $argv for php v4.2.x in script files
* bugfix on access privileges for modifies a domain
* deletetion of CheckDomainSOA() funciton from functions.js file
* bugfix on deletetion of a record in editdom.php

v1.2.rc3 [02-MAY-2002]
* bugfix on admin configuration

v1.2.rc2 [28-APR-2002]
* added company_logo field in msql_auth
* added groups_privileges table
* bugfix in infodom.php for add an IP to DNS [Slave and Forwarders]

v1.2.rc1 [27-APR-2002]
* added company_web, work_phone, mobile_phone, address and notes field in msql_auth
* added email and notes field in mysql_auth_group
* added information user module

v1.2.rc0 [26-APR-2002]
* added check for named-xfer command to importbind.php
* bugfix on change password for administrator and users
* the control has been improved on the manager of the DB
* added log table to keep track of all the modifications of the DB
* added email field in msql_auth
* added company_name, company_address, contact_info to configuration table

v1.1 [24-APR-2002]
* added check configuration to function.js
* bugfix on check DB administrator in configuration and update1 script
* bugfix on ttl in imporbind.php
* bugfix on Makefile for compiling my_libip.c

v1.1.rc4 [22-APR-2002]
* added for updating DB
* added check for MySQL error to configure script
* added the control for the existence of the file in viewfile.php
* added the control for access to administration modules
* added configuration table to DB
* bugfix in some modules

v1.1.rc3 [19-APR-2002]
* installing long2ip and ip2long as MySQL functions
* added 2 new functions : maskdot2masklong and masklong2maskdot
* bugfix in include.php on DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable
* added "Common Problems" section in INSTALL file
* bugfix in acltype.php module on ACL insertion

v1.1.rc2 [17-APR-2002]
* add viewfile.php to view the named file
* now you can add 2 NS record to a domain in edit mode
* bugfix in updatednsslave.php and updatedns.php for creation of the include zone named.conf file
* bugfix in configure script for mysqlshow command
* bugfix in script on grant privileges to administrator
* bugfix in functions.js for check DNS configuration * bugfix in acltype.php module on ACL insertion

v1.1.rc1 [15-APR-2002]
* bugfix in functions.js for add dns
* bugfix on readline function in script importbind
* bugfix on named-xfer in script importbind
* bugfix in configure DNS module

v1.1.rc0 [14-APR-2002]
* rewrite configure in sh script shell
* bugfix in install script

v1.0 [31-MAR-2002]
* bugfix in configure script

v1.0.rc2 [11-MAR-2002]
* bugfix in domain/editdom.php

v1.0.rc1 [06-MAR-2002]
* bugfix in admin/users.php

v1.0.rc0 [03-MAR-2002]
* Beginning first development of myWebDNS 1.0